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Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Page Hacked

Image Source: Techcrunch

Image Source: Techcrunch

"Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? #hackercup2011"

As you can see from the image above, the post generated over 400 comments and 1,800 likes in just three minutes. Thinking that the creator of Facebook would be fairly cautious with his account, one might think Zuckerberg posted this himself. However, it seems as though his page was indeed hacked as Facebook took down the page shortly after the post.

The perpetrator behind the hacking of Zuckerberg's fan page long with his or her intentions with the message remain a mystery, but we're definitely keeping an eye out for any further hacking as the hacked status post alludes to.