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You Can Fly This Drone With a Tilt of Your Head

Ehang is upgrading its Ghostdrone 2.0 to add a 4K camera and VR goggles so that you can simply nod your head to fly. The new options will come on two new models; the $599 Aerial bundle gets the 4K shooter controlled by your smartphone's accelerometer, while the $1099 VR edition comes with a headset that controls the drone by your head movements.

I'm most excited about the VR goggles ($349 when sold separately) that Ehang will be offering with the Ghostdrone 2. It will allow the pilots to see through the eyes of the drone's camera with zero latency (according to the company), much the same way that drone racing pilots do. This quadcopter won't go as fast, but will shoot much more advance film. The more basic, but more affordable version instead combines the smartphone's accelerometer with the drone's internal gyroscope to control the flight.

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The 4K camera is now smartly gimbal stabilized, which should cut down on shaky and blurry film. You control the camera from the smartphone, taking video and still shots.

Ehang offers a one year, full replacement policy for the Ghostdrone 2, along with 24-hour customer support. I wouldn't recommend trying to race this oversized camera drone, but if you do you'll be covered because you will crash and burn at some point.

The current model 2 Ghostdrone ($599) promises 25 minutes of flying time with a half-mile range. 

We will reserve judgement on the whole package until we have a unit to review. Stay tuned.

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