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Work From Home: 20 Tech Tips

Go Paperless: Store it on the cloud.

Once you’ve scanned papers and synced devices, you’ll want a safe place to store it all. And these days, no place is safer than the cloud.

iCloud is a great choice for Mac users, who can access cloud-stored devices even on PCs. The system stores documents, music, photos, and other data wirelessly. Most common apps, like iTunes and Books, are already iCloud compatible.


Dropbox is a similar cloud service that lets you store all of your data remotely and share it with friends. Although your documents are stored in the cloud, you’ll be able to access them even when offline. And the tool works on a range of operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • killerclick
    Nice... but too bad I'll soon have a Skyrim icon on my desktop. I don't suppose there's a program to block that?
  • I was just surfing for a To Do List App yesterday. Good timing! Thank you.
  • tomate2
    Some people may not even made a jump from Hotmail... Windows Live also have a calendar for those who use Hotmail... Don't use it very much, but I think its a pretty capable online calendar as well...
  • Really interesting article. Timers and self-restraint applications may be entering into my everyday quite soon.
  • archange
    So, were there 20 or 21 tips? :)
  • andywork78
    Evernote is great tool for followup.
    I use this tool for long time.
    Evernote for just take note down?
    You fail~ lol