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eBay Eliminates Negative Feedback for Sellers

eBay originally announced this plan in January and set off a flood of negative criticism from sellers and talks of boycott began swirling. Sellers expressed that the new rules unfairly gave buyers more power and negates free speech. While eBay does recognize that the new policy will raise red flags for some sellers, the end results will improve the overall eBay experience.

"We’ve heard some complaints [from sellers], and we’ll probably hear some even louder complaints [after the changes go live], but we believe that the overall marketplace will be better and healthier for it," said Brian Burke, eBay director of global feedback policy. “The goal is to hold buyers accountable in the marketplace and to hold sellers accountable in the marketplace.”

eBay originally stated the reason for the change was that the previous system prevented buyers from leaving honest feedback since they feared retaliation from sellers, if a negative comment was left. "What we discovered through research was that any negative feedback that the buyer gets reduces their purchasing or willingness to purchase within the marketplace," said Burke.

Some believe this tactic was implemented to help create a buyer’s environment to help boost traffic to the auction site due to recent lack luster numbers. Whatever the case may be the auction site will try its best in filtering unscrupulous buyers leaving negative feedback by penalizing or banning the buyers from the auction site. However, it may not be enough to swing sellers back, as many are beginning to find alternatives.