Doom Returns to Its Hellish Roots at Quakecon 2014

Behind closed doors at Quakecon 2014 in Dallas, gamers enjoyed a real glimpse at the next iteration of "Doom," the classic first-person shooter. And it's going to be brutal.

The new game will not be called "Doom 4," but simply "Doom" and will be a reboot of the 1993 PC version you were probably addicted to. The new game is hoping to incorporate the same break-neck speed from the original, but with new twists like visceral finishing moves and double jumps. The last iteration of this game was "Doom 3" released all the way back in 2004, and rumors of the next game have been stirring since 2008.

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The new "Doom" will not be for the faint of heart. The game revels in its gore, with gruesome dismemberments and beheadings performed by a host of weapons, including the plasma rifle, double-barreled shotgun and rocket launcher. The only thing missing was the iconic BFG, which no doubt will be hidden somewhere in the red landscape of Mars -- it wouldn't be a real Doom game without it. 

The usual host of demonic enemies also returns with hulking Hell Knights, terrifying cyberdemons and frenetic imps. The level of detail was impressive, and Executive Producer Marty Stratton revealed that Doom will be the first game to use id Software's newest engine, idtech 6.

This could be a make or break release for the franchise as this will be the first Doom game released without legendary Doom creator John Carmac at the helm. Carmac left id Software in November 2013 to work full-time as Chief Technical Officer for virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR.

While there is yet to be an official release date, the footage looked more polished than initially expected, making a release as early as spring 2015 more than just a pipe dream (or should we say nightmare).

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