Crysis 2 to Have 'Best Graphics You've Ever Seen'

PC gamers know well how astonishing the graphics were from the original Crysis, even by today's standards years after release. Now with Crytek working on a sequel that's spread out to consoles, the developer hasn't changed its goal of providing the best visuals possible – even on consoles based on technology from five years ago.

In an interview with PSM3, as relayed by CVG, Crytek executive producer Nathan Camarillo said that the graphics for Crysis 2 will be 'the best you've ever seen' even when running on a relatively outdated GPU as the Nvidia RSX in the PlayStation 3.

"We know [developing for PS3] is a big challenge, but we're happy to accept it," said Camarillo. "The most important thing that Crysis taught us as a developer is that, while cinematic graphics and convincing gameplay will get you a lot of press and build strong interest before release - you shouldn't count on that exclusively."

"We're aiming to set the graphical benchmark," he continued. "Why would anyone not want to play a game with the best graphics they have ever seen, great gameplay, some engaging fiction, challenging AI, killer weaponry and a complete gaming experience like no other?"

While CryEngine 3 makes it easy for the Crysis 2 developers to port their work easily between platforms, there's no doubt that those wanting the experiences that best match the pictures below will need to be playing on PC.

Marcus Yam is a technology evangelist for Intel Corporation, the latest in a long line of tech-focused roles spanning a more than 20-year career in the industry. As Executive Editor, News on Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, Marcus was responsible for shaping the sites' news output, and he also spent a period as Editor of Outdoors & Sports at Digital Trends.

  • tipoo
    Three years since Crysis 1 was launched, and I still think it has the best video game graphics out there. Thats really saying something. I'm eager to see how much they raise the bar this time.
  • builderbobftw
    It's gonna be the same Fry Cry 2 thing.

    The game will play better, look better on PC.
  • heroofspirits
    wow these pictures look awesome!! wonder how much the graphics will have to be turned down so that the game plays on a console?
    PC FTW!!!
  • XD_dued
    Hopefully since its coming out for consoles too it'll be better optimized.
  • socrates047
    Cod 6 is kinda getting boring,the next game that i'll buy will probably be Crysis 2 for the PS3.
  • Parsian
    it is a shame that since late 2007, no other company has pushed the limit...

    On the other hand, lets hope for a better future
  • doc70
    I just hope it will be developed natively for PC.
  • mlopinto2k1
    Reminds me of when Donkey Kong Country came out for Super Nintendo... that was like "thee" best looking game. Squeezing everything out of it. Honestly, it would be cool to see more games pre-rendered like that. Killer Instinct was done in a similar fashion.
  • aethm
    I have HUGE doubts that those screen-shots will be even close on the PS3 and Xbox. Unless the cry-engine 3 is magic?
  • Shadow703793
    builderbobftwIt's gonna be the same Fry Cry 2 thing. The game will play better, look better on PC.Fry Cry? I know know such thing! :lol:

    Anyways, agreed. At any rate, I'd like to see what the console kiddies say about their "awesome" graphics on their PS3s,etc.