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Craigslist CEO Responds to Prostitution Lawsuit

Last week a Sheriff in Chicago filed a lawsuit against Craigslist alleging the classifieds site was "facilitating prostitution." Craigslist CEO, Jim Buckmaster has said the suit is a waste of time and claims the site is protected by federal law.

Last Thursday news hit the wire of a local Cook County Sheriff and his filing against Craigslist. According to CNet, Sheriff Tom Dart asked the court to force Craigslist to remove its erotic services section. Cook County also asked for $100,000 in compensation for the man hours the county has had to pay officers to investigate posts advertising criminal services.

Dart told CNet that, while he thought Craigslist was great for shifting all your unwanted rubbish or selling your car, all the statistics shows Craigslist is the country's biggest marketing tool for the illegal sex trade.

However, Craigslist chief, Jim Buckmaster says the company is not doing untoward.

"As our counsel explained to Sheriff Dart's Department in 2007," Buckmaster wrote. "Craigslist cannot be held liable, as a matter of clear federal law, for content submitted to the site by our users...Frankly, Sheriff Dart's actions mystify me."

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