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Couldn't Decide Between the e310 and the e740? Well Here's the e330!

Gapi Benchmark

GAPI used to be a widely used test. It has gone out of style a bit, but it's nice, so we used it anyway.

We did not run this test on the earlier e310. But the iPAQ H3870, like the e310, has a 206 MHz IntelStrongArm. If we use this as a reference, the 300 MHz PXA250 comes right between the 206 MHz and the 400 MHz, as it does with the VOBenchmark.

In the graphics tests, GAPI gives ATI a definite advantage over MediaQ, even when the drivers are not updated.

That said, GAPI reckons that Compaq and Asus, whose chip names are not revealed, would be generally agreed to be way ahead of even the ATI chip.

GAPI gives a clear advantage to devices equipped with 400 MHz Xscale. Though what could look like an advantage in some configurations might just be a flaw in GAPI. Unlike what the table summarizes, the MyPal 600 is not twice as fast as the e330. VO is not about to be dislodged from its position as reference test.