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Couldn't Decide Between the e310 and the e740? Well Here's the e330!

The Changes Are Under The Hood

Toshiba has set the e330 halfway between the 206 MHz of the e310 and the 400 MHz of the e740 by giving it a new Intel PXA250 Xscale processor running at 300 MHz. Compared to the e310, it has twice the amount of memory with 64 MB of RAM, though this is quickly saturated if you use your PDA as an MP3 player. For that you'd best add to your purchase an extra SD card with 128 MB.

The USB port has changed, too. The one at the bottom of the device that used to be client has now become host . This means you can plug in several other modules, such as a GPS kit or an optional USB adapter cable which in turn can be used to plug in devices like a mouse or a keyboard.

It would have been nice if they had included the speaker in the internal improvements, but apparently not this time - in this respect, the e330 is as bad as ever. Headphones are still required for MP3 and games!

Toshiba also says they have changed the main battery, but it's not obvious. The e330 runs no longer than the e310, i.e., 6 hours of work or 4 hours, 20 minutes of music with the screen active. So you can read your mail, edit text and listen to music at the same time. It is not quite as responsive in multitasking, but the lifetime is good enough, even over fairly long distances.