Follow Us at CES 2019 and Win Your Very Own Robot

It’s January, and the Tom’s Guide team is heading back to Las Vegas for CES 2019! To celebrate, we're giving away two toy robots with AI smarts and cutesy robo charm.

If you haven’t heard of the Consumer Electronic Show, it’s only one of the most exciting aggregations of gadgets, tech, apps and digital tools in the United States. It's the global debut of what’s coming this year in smartphones, TVs, home appliances, smart-home gadgets and thousands of other electronic gizmos. No big deal.

But, no, truthfully, it's a big deal. A very big deal. Every January, 180,000 tech experts converge in the desert to get a exclusive peek at what the future holds for all the tech that you love — drones, laptops, tablets, audio gear, smart-home tech, everything.  

That includes things you couldn’t even imagine. Next week, we’ll be getting stealthy advance looks at meatless hamburgers, hover boots, voice-assisted toilets and paper-thin TV sets with massive screens. See what we mean by exciting? 

To celebrate all the wonderful new toys, we’re giving away some of our own. When all our coverage of CES 2019 is said and done, two lucky winners are going to get their very own robots!

We know, we know. There are lots of robots out there. Data. Hal 9000. The entire race of the Borg. Bender. The Sentinels. Amazo. Mark Zuckerberg. Which circuit-brained critter are we talking about, exactly? It’s the four-wheeled, Wall-E lookalike, Vector. 



Built by Anki, makers of the Cosmo toy robot, Vector is a $250 tech toy with an AI brain that helps it learn behaviors and environments, then adapt accordingly. It loves having its head scratched, tends to ask its owners for fist bumps, will sometimes dance for your romantic partner and can tell you the weather when you ask it. 

Intrigued? Want to win one? All you have to do is ride the CES rollercoaster of awesome with us. Find out more here.

Kenneth Butler

As social media editor, Kenneth Butler arms readers with Tom’s Guide’s limitless advice and know-how, digging into the tech world to help tell stories that get readers looking, voting, sharing, thinking and laughing. In the past, he’s worked as a fact checker, staff writer and production director for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide. His off-hour hobbies include early morning runs, writing comedy, writing about pop culture, obsessing over details in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and planning his ultimate Halloween costume, Major Payne. He's also on an unending quest to try every flavor of Oreo. Lemon Double-Stuff is still the best.