Got $4,500? This Solar-Powered Case Includes an iPhone X

If you have a few bucks sitting around that you want to dedicate to something decidedly different, consider the the new Tesla iPhone X from Caviar.

Credit: Caviar

(Image credit: Caviar)

The device, which is not made by Tesla but instead by Russian company Caviar, is an iPhone X with a solar panel slapped onto it. That solar panel will keep your handset powered all day without ever needing to use traditional battery power. But there's one caveat: it costs about $4,500.

The Caviar Tesla is essentially a case that at the top has been gilded with gold. The otherwise black case has gold accents all around, including around the solar panel that sits on the back of the case. The solar panel itself is shock resistant; in case you drop it, and the case is made from carbon fiber to keep it both lightweight and resistant to falls.

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On the smartphone side, you won't see any difference from the handset you'd buy from Apple or your local carrier. Instead, it appears Caviar has simply acquired a bunch of iPhone Xs, slapped its case onto the handsets, and outfitted them with a power-charge connection that allows the solar panel to keep your iPhone's battery charged. It's unclear from the listing on the Caviar site whether the case can be easily removed or whether you'll always want to keep it on your device.

Credit: Caviar

(Image credit: Caviar)

Since the case is attached with a solar panel, the Caviar Tesla won't come with the same pocket-friendly thinness as a standard iPhone X. In fact, the original iPhone X is 7.7mm thick. The Caviar option is 16.2mm thick, or more than twice as thick as the standard model.

When Caviar initially unveiled the iPhone case last year, the company said that it would make 99 units. However, the company reported on Thursday (May 17) that demand for the case has been high and it's now pushing its initial run to 999 units.

The first unit it produces will be given to Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk and have the engraving, "Made on Earby by Humans." It's the same engraving Musk put on the Tesla that was launched into space earlier this year on his SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

If you're ready to splurge, you can buy it now from the Caviar website. Payment is due after you have the ability to inspect the smartphone and "a personal consultant" aids you in getting it set up.

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