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The Watch Inspired by the Doomed Alien Ship

The Alien Quadrilogy has been a pop culture icon for over 40 years, spawning its own line of merchandise, videogame tie-ins, and countless homages and piss-poor imitations in various media. Yet most people only seem to remember the the more action-oriented second movie, with its gung-ho marines and swarming HR Giger-designed horrors.

Only a few still remember the first film, a pure scif-fi horror in its own right. So it's a bit refreshing that someone has decided to take inspiration from that movie's refinery-towing space ship, the Nostromo. It's a timepiece that's as mind-bending as anything to come out of Japan, except this watch doesn't do crazy with the digital stuff; it's all classic Swiss engineering.

The Nostromo may look unique, but is in fact the successor to Cabestan's Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch. It sports the same turned-on-its-side clockwork, with the gears teeth-up from the watch face and numbers stamped on wheels. They did dial down the opulence for the Nostromo, aiming for the industrial look sported by its namesake. Let's just hope its not hiding some bulb-headed alien horror somewhere in its clockwork.

[source: Cabestan via a Blog to Read]