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Bodor's Presence Speakers will Exterminate

Daleks in my living room?! Hardly. While these speakers' design brings to mind the genocidal alien pepper-shakers from the hit sci-fi show Doctor Who, the only thing these babies will be exterminating is poor sound quality and excessive power consumption. It's part of a home entertainment package called Presence.

A creative collaboration by Bodor Audio+ and design group MYD-II, the Presence is a system that not only boasts of superior output and style, but also energy efficiency that's right at home in today's recession-stricken, environmentally-conscious world. On standby mode, its pre-amp, amplifier and CD player consume less than 5 watts each.

You get a 50-inch plasma TV and stand to round out the whole selection. Also, if the thought of having Dalek-shaped speakers creep you out, you can opt for the more generic "L" speaker. Of course, you'd miss out on opportunity to hear them say anything other than "Exterminate."

[source: Bodor Audio via Yanko Design]