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BMW's Hybrid Sportscar to Hit Streets by 2013

Concept vehicles, especially those of the hybrid or earth-friendly variety, rarely get past the initial planning stages. However, this is BMW we're talking about. After all, if European stereotypes taught us anything, it's that Germans (or Bavarians) are really good at making beer and mechanical things. It's great to hear, then, that at least one of BMW's concepts is all set for production for 2013.

The Vision EfficientDynamics isn't what you'd call BMW's fastest car; it goes 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds, and tops out at 155mph. To be fair, what BMW sacrificed in raw power, they made up for in fuel efficiency and low emissions. Mileage is around 62 mpg, with a 159gram/mile CO2 rating.

That's not bad, considering that this is supposed to be a sportscar. True, some existing green racers, like the all-battery Tesla Roadster, have it beat in terms of performance and efficiency, but remember that with BMW, you're buying into German craftsmanship. Besides, they have about 3 years left before release date; plenty of time to tweak this old girl further.

[source: Fast Company]