How to Block a Call in Android Nougat

It’s bound to happen. Whether it’s a telemarketer or just someone else you want to avoid, there will come a time when you encounter someone who just won’t take the hint and will keep calling you.

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Android Nougat gives you several simple and straightforward ways to block calls so you don’t have to be bothered when you don’t want to. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Much of this power resides in the Google Phone app. If you want to block someone that recently called you, go to the Recent Calls tab and select that contact.

2. Touch Block/Report spam. You’ll see the pop-up message that appears on the right in the above screenshot. If you keep the box selected, your phone will report the number as spam to Google.

Here’s how to block a person entirely.

1. Go to Settings in the dialer app.

2. Choose Call Blocking.

3. Touch Add a Number.

4. Enter the phone number you wish to block. (Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search through your contacts to complete this step. Instead, you have to manually enter the number.)

There’s another good preventive step you can do by proactively blocking suspected spam calls.

1. Go back to Settings in the Phone app. Select Caller ID & Spam.

2. Toggle the feature on. This enables Google to show you caller ID information for calls you don’t recognize and warnings if a call is suspected to be spam.

If a certain contact is getting a little too bothersome, you can automatically send their calls to voicemail.

1. Go to Contacts and select the contact you want.

2. Touch the pencil icon to edit this contact.

3. Touch the overflow button (three vertical dots) and then select Send All Calls to Voicemail. Future calls will now be directed there.

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