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The Lamp for Gun Fanatics

You know you've got a winner when your bedside lamp's instructions include the words, "ready, aim, fire!" The Bang! takes a rather unique approach to "lights out." At first glance, it looks like any mild-mannered lighting fixture, complete with a minimalist, contemporary flourish. When it's time to call it a night, things start to get real interesting.

Instead of trudging your sedentary behind to the other side of the bed, this bitplay creation comes with its own remote control. Not just any remote control, either. It's shaped like a Glock 9mm pistol. Just point, click and Bang! The lampshade even goes off kilter, to better simulate your callous lamp-icide.

Design team bitplay really likes to inject humor in their designs, and it definitely shows here. It's a great nightcap to a John Woo marathon, or a late-night session of shooting zombie aliens in Xbox-land.

[source: bitplay via  Crunch Gear]