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Axsotic's Mouse has a 3-D Twist

Working in 3-D can be a hassle, especially since most input devices move in two dimensions only. Asxotic promises to liberate 3-D modelers from a flat plane of existence with their new spherical mouse. In fact, don't call it a mouse. Axsotic prefers the term 3-D tablet.

The Axsotic doesn't just win awards for Weirdest-Looking Controller ever. The central floating ball design is key to its capabilities. Once you've locked onto an object, you can freely spin it in on a specified axis with a simple twist of the ball. Nudging the ball in any of 6 directions will make the object zoom or scroll with ease.

It can even work simultaneously with a light pen or tablet. No drivers are needed, so you can go to work immediately, regardless of your chosen operating system. Just download the plugin for your preferred modelling program, and experience 3-dimensional freedom like never before.

[source: Axsotic]