Watch Every Movie Leading Up to Avengers: Infinity War with Tom’s Guide

Update: Tonight we’re starting Spider-man: Homecoming at 7:00pm ET with Tom's Guide editor, Sherri L. Smith. Pop in some new web-slinging cartridges and come join us!

Unless you've been living on the far side of the Moon for the last decade, you've likely seen one or two (or all 18) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies wrecking box office earnings and delighting fans since 2008.

Now, the first movie to gather each of the heroes in one place --The Avengers: Infinity War -- is set to arrive April 27th. And if the sound of that sets your Mjolnir a-spin, you’ll be pleased to know that the Tom’s Guide staff is re-watching each movie, one by one, until Infinity War debuts later this month.

Tom's Guide at the Movies

Now, we here at Tom's Guide are a lot of things. Tech obsessives. Streaming addicts. Dedicated gamers. Security know-it-alls (who, indeed, DO know it all). Camera snobs. Laptop experts. Drone enthusiasts. And, add last to that list, huge fans of the Marvel movies.

Not only can we tell you the best movies starring Marvel characters ever (including films made by the company's various studio partners), we can give you the over/under on which Marvel hero is likely to bite the dust in the proximate movie mega-crossover!

In fact, through the entire expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- and its small-screen spin-offs like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jessica Jones -- we've been stalwart cartographers of the best and most entertaining parts of the massive mega-storyline.

So it makes perfect sense that, in the build-up to Infinity War, the Tom's Guide team is watching all 18 of the Marvel superhero movies, one film a day for 18 days, ending with Black Panther on April 25.

From Tony Stark's Mark I suit to T'Challa's ascension to the throne of Wakanda, we're re-living every Black Widow fight sequence, every old-man Cap joke, every Tom Hiddleston scene-steal, every J.A.R.V.I.S. quip, every Hulk smash, and yes, every single Stan Lee cameo. And if we can throw out a few tech tips along the way, we'll hit you with those, too. Showtimes below!

Credit: Marvel Studios

Phase Three

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Monday,April 23Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)7pm ETHost:Sherri L. Smith
Tuesday,April 24Thor: Ragnarok (2017)TBDHost: Michael Andronico
Wednesday,April 25Black Panther (2017)TBDHost: TBD
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