One Speaker Costs $1 Million Bucks

Seriously, anyone spending a million bucks on a single speaker is just downright crazy... at least on a home consumer standpoint. Still, Transmission Audio's Ultimate speaker seems more suited for industry situations such as concert halls and movie theaters. But then again, consumers who own mansions the size of Texas should have no problem dumping two million bucks on a pair of speakers stretching almost 37 feet wide and weighing just over four tons.

Although Transmission Audio is currently updating its website, Ultimate AV is reporting that one Ultimate speaker consists of six separate, open-baffle dipole panels standing seven feet tall (that's twice as tall as Jane and Marcus combined). The one-channel speaker places the low frequencies on one side and the high frequencies mounted on the other; throw in a second speaker, and the lows would sit in the center and the highs on the outside. As a set, the speakers consist of two super-high frequency panels, four high frequency/midrange panels, two woofer panels, and four subwoofer panels.

According to the site, one Ultimate speaker features a woofer panel housing 24 8-inch cones, and two subwoofer panels each holding 10 15-inch cones. As for the high end, the super-high panel consists of 13 feet of 1-inch wide ribbon, 105 feet of 2-inch wide ribbon for the high range panel, and 105 feet of 2-inch wide ribbon for the midrange panel. The Ultimate also comes with its own power amplifiers, with an output of 31,000 watts.

Could this be considered overkill?

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  • rigaudio
    As a sound designer, I'm leery. As a regular Joe, I scoff.

    But hey, build it and they will come.
  • AMDnoob
    i seez a typo
  • thepetey
    "one spwaker"

    rofl spellcheck.
  • omnimodis78
    What a pointless article...
  • climber
    This is just what the Mayor will order for his town or city when he/she wants to give a party for the whole town. However, in the era of corporate jets raising eyebrows, the public will not want to shell out that kind of $,$$$,$$$ for 'speakers'.
  • stray_gator
    give up the PA and you have "The Penultimate", a value-oriented SKU.
  • brookg
    "Could this be considered overkill?"

    what? I can't hear you....
  • "spawker" in headline, should be speaker...

    QA, anyone?
  • tenor77
    Imagine the feedback on this badboy
  • barturtle
    Speakers so loud they blows women's clothes off.