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The Audi A9 Fan Artist's Concept: Coming Soon?

As far as we know Audi has no plans to come out with an A9 (as of yet). Yet at least one student has some ideas for the German car maker.

Pictured above is a concept car that uses "nanotechnology" to repair itself. A hybrid, this vehicle features an internal combustion engine, backed up by four electric motors—one in each wheel! Said nanotech supposedly allows the future owner to change the car's color on-the-go, and control the opacity of the passenger cabin bubble. In other words, this concept A9 is perfect for make out sessions (if you're worried from being in seen from the front or back, at least)!

The brainchild of Spanish designer Daniel Garcia, this concept A9 apparently takes some design cues from the tourist-friendly City of Arts and Sciences. How this is so should be the subject of the comments below. Whatever the case, Garcia has a good eye for aesthetics. We no longer have to worry about this atrocious fake A9.

Nano-engineered Audi A9 concept repairs damages on its own