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Apple Watch Finally Gets Launch Date

It's high time we knew when the Apple Watch would be available, and today (Jan. 27), we finally have a more specific window. On its earnings call today, Apple said its first smartwatch will be shipping in April. 

After sharing his company's impressive earnings and before disclosing the launch date, CEO Tim Cook said he could not wait for people to experience the Apple Watch. Prior to today, all the company had to say about the wearable's debut was that it would start selling in "early 2015."

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Possibly the most anticipated device of 2015, the Apple Watch will sync with iPhones and iPads running iOS 8, and sport a heart-rate monitor, accelerometer and NFC for fitness tracking and Apple Pay functions. It will retail for a starting price of $350, and be available in three editions with different materials and bands.

Apple had a fantastic quarter, exceeding investors' expectations. Buoyed by huge iPhone sales (74.5 million units sold), the company garnered $74.6 billion in revenue, an increase of 30 percent over the same period the year before. In 2014, Apple also released the iPhone 6 Plus, its first phablet. We'll know soon enough if its first smartwatch will be equally successful.

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