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Apple's New Plan to Rule the TV World is a Guide?

Just because Apple’s plans for a television set never came together doesn’t mean that the company has given up its ambitions of making headway in the TV space. A new report suggests that Apple may be devising its own version of a universal TV guide, which could be available not only on Apple TVs, but any Apple device.

Citing “industry sources," Recode reports that users would be able to search for any piece of video content across a wide variety of apps. This kind of unified search is already present in Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and even Apple TV products, but Apple wants to take it beyond the usual Netflix/Hulu/Amazon suspects and make it truly universal.

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Apple would also make a visual “guide” to all available video programming, much like cable boxes and satellite subscriptions can show you everything that’s currently airing on a guide channel.

Recode reported that Apple is already talking to video programmers about its plan, although whether it’s to get their permission or collaborate on features is not clear. Since Apple TV already includes a lot of popular video providers in its universal search, it’s not clear whether the company would require additional permissions to concatenate them into a visual guide.

As streaming video ideas go, this one is not particularly outlandish, especially since the Apple TV’s interface is one of its major selling points. Since there’s no confirmation from Apple, though, we’ll put this one in the “maybe” pile for now.