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Apple TV Plus Looks Cool, But We're Missing Two Big Things

As Hollywood A-listers paraded on the stage of the Apple Show Time event, I thought to myself, "Okay, but where are the dang shows?"

Sure, Apple showed a B-Roll of short clips of content that will be on Apple TV Plus (stylized as Apple TV+) this fall. And yes, it was nice to have Steve Carrell be awkward on stage—the Michael Scott magic is still there. And yes, Oprah's back and we're curious to see what she's got.

We did not, though, see a full teaser trailer for any of its new shows or films. Instead, we got an overall Apple TV+ trailer with teases of the various shows.

Trailers can often be misleading, but Oprah Winfrey doing her best sales pitch of documentaries as the salvation of society is not proof of a great show that will be a must watch.

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And ... in terms of availability? It's nice that Apple's TV app (presumably how we'll get these new shows) will be everywhere, from Amazon Fire sticks and boxes to Rokus, and on Smart TVs from the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio, but there's one giant missing thing.

Did Tim Cook think he could hypnotize us with celebs and that would be that? To leave the price off — nobody said how much people will have to pay for all these shows — is just weird.

This fleet of the best directors and actors and Oprah signals that this service wasn't cheap to make, by any stretch. So, will we find out that these shows are free with ownership of Apple hardware, as rumored? It's unclear.

Henry T. Casey

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