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No More Genius Bar: iPhone Gets Built-in Support

Having trouble with your iPhone or iPad but don't have time to immediately run to the Apple store? Apple has a solution. The company is rolling out a new app simply called Support that serves as an all-in-one hub for getting help with your iOS devices and getting in touch with Apple experts both remotely and in-person.

The Support app displays all Apple products tied to your Apple ID, allowing you to quickly find help articles based on whatever iPhone, iPad or Mac you're having issues with. You can call a support agent right from the app, or jump into a live chat if you prefer not to be on the phone.

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If you need to bring your device in to fix a cracked screen or dying battery, you can use the app to find your local Apple store and set up a repair appointment.

As 9to5Mac points out, the new Support app brings back some features that were recently removed from the Apple Store app. You can already access much of what Support offers by visiting Apple's website, but the key difference is that now you can get that same level of help when you're on the go.

On-device customer support tools are becoming more common. Amazon's Fire tablets have a "Mayday" feature that lets you instantly video chat with a support agent, while Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL phones let you get in touch with an expert via phone or text right from the settings menu.

While Apple's tool isn't integrated into the hardware quite as seamlessly as those options, it could still prove very useful for those times you need to book an emergency Apple Store appointment from the road. Look out for Support in the App store over the coming weeks.