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Apple to Fight Google for Smart Home Supremacy (Report)

Tech giants Apple and Google could be battling for a place in your home very soon. Apple is reportedly about to unveil a smart home platform at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 2nd, taking on Google and its recently acquired Nest division. The software would let you control home appliances, such as light bulbs, televisions, thermostats and refridgerators, all with your iPhone or iPad.

Sources familiar with the matter divulged to the Financial Times that Apple intends to make a "big play" into smart home technology. The iPhone maker's system could even feature intelligent features such as turning on the lights when you're home by wirelessly detecting your iOS device.

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Apple also intends to focus on security and privacy protection to differentiate itself from Google, according to the Financial Times' source. Google recently told the Securities and Exchange Commision in a letter that it could serve ads to everything from refrigerators to thermostats.

The new connected home system could use the next-generation Apple TV as a hub for other connected devices in your abode. Most analysts expect Apple to release a new version of its device later this year.

This latest report comes after Google's $3.2 billion-dollar acquisition of Nest Labs, a company that currently makes connected thermostats and smoke alarms. Google is also said to have considered buying Dropcam, a popular home-monitoring camera system, to expand its range of connected home security offerings. It's not clear whether this deal is happening or if Google has passed on it.

While Apple hasn't commented on the reports yet, we will bring you full coverage of all the announcements at WWDC.

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