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Real Juicy Oranges Used to Power Apple iPhone

We've all seen that school science-class experiment where a lemon (or other similar citrus fruit) is able to generate electricity, but have you seen oranges power an Apple?

UK marketing firm Imperial Leisure showed its latest viral creation in promotion of Jaffa oranges. The concept here is to build an iPhone charger entirely out of oranges. In the end, it took 2,380 orange slices to begin the charging process for the device.

Check it all out below.

  • justiceguy216
    we now know that iPods can suck the life out of living fruit...only a matter of time before they turn on US.
  • Parsian
    That shows how "green" iPhones are...
  • rawoysters
    This is just apples and oranges.
  • thedreadfather
    I bet that modified USB charger breaks the EULA.
  • HTDuro
    green??? with all the cooper ,and other cable it needed. + all those pesticide it was needed to get those orange lol im sure buying any other kind of charger will bee cheaper and greener
  • free1dom
    Hooo Yellow Power...
  • amarok
    New development from the UK firm in place for upcoming launch of gadget:

    If you piss all over your ipad, it will recharge.
    - and then again, it might not..
  • Abrahm
    I haven't seen so many fruits around an iPod since the last time I walked by the Apple store.
  • sonofliberty08
    damn thats a waste of many juicy orange , many ppl out there dont even hv a shit to eat
  • socrates047
    its like comparing apples and oranges, u can't do that.