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Apple's Back to School Deal Offers Free iPod Touch

Every year, Apple offers students and staff in educational institutions a back to school rebate that covers the cost of a variety of their iPod range when you purchase a notebook or desktop from the company. AppleInsider today reports that the 2009 promo offers a $229 online rebate that cancels out the price of an 8 GB iPod Touch. Customers who want an 8 GB iPod Nano, 16 GB iPod Nano, 120 GB iPod classic, or 4 GB iPod Shuffle can will still receive rebates but not enough to cover the entire cost of the iPod.

AI also reports that this year, Apple will allow parents of students currently either attending or accepted into a public or private Higher Education Institution to take advantage of the deal when buying a laptop on behalf of their son or daughter.

This morning Apple also announced an update to the white MacBook giving the low end, out of date laptop a faster CPU than the entry-level unibody version.