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Apple Files Claim for iPhone 5 Domain Name

In a case filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Apple plans to gain ownership of the domain with the help of the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), which allows a trademark holder to file a dispute against the domain-name holder if there is a copyright violation, or if the domain contains content that is damaging to the trademark holders reputation.

Interestingly, is home to a small community of diehard iPhone fans who are anxiously waiting for the next Apple smartphone. Needless to say, the seizure of their website by the company they love causes mixed emotions, with some members in opposition of the shutdown:

"Yes, You as the community can play a huge part in all this. we as members here before the 4s was even released at should stand our ground against Apple. We have every right to be a fan of the iPhone and to talk and discuss about it. THEY WIILL NOT SHUT US DOWN!!!!!

Call Corporate Of Apple and tell them to stop there persuit!! Blow up there phones, Spam there emails, call there Administration! Do something to get our point across. [sic]"

And others who are supportive of the shutdown:

"First of all, "iPhone" is a registered trademark of apple.

I'm sure many of users would like to type in "" and see that iPhone 5's picture shining in front of their eyes, instead of seeing a forum that's consisting of around 300-400 members, (and I'm sure more to come over publicity)

When the iPhone 5 is out, your domain name will lose its loyalty and who will come here to get all the upcoming information about the iPhone 5? When apple's website has enough information provided when it's out, this forum will be useless.

I'm sure if you were apple, you would want the same thing, you've had your time on the domain, now it's time to give it up. [sic]"

There is a good chance Apple will be successful in the acquisition of, but the question remains how, if at all, the company will use it. It's very possible Apple will go the route Samsung went with the Galaxy S III, and use it as a teaser page.