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Apple Files 3D Display Patent

Three-dimensional displays have their issues, such as deteriorating effects when the viewing angle increases, on top of a silly shutter glasses requirement. Apple's 3D approach will not be a trick on your eyes, but an actual physical effect that is delivered via three individual displays that are stacked on top of each other.

A recently published patent filing reveals that Apple envisions two transparent OLEDs as well as a background LCD to be used for a 3D display that can deliver limited depth by separating content. At least one processor will be used to control the separation and the interaction of content, while the patent describes a scenario in which one GPU is controlling all displays and another in which individual GPUs are tied to individual displays.

The desired effect is more depth to elements on a screen. Apple notes that such 3D display devices can include everything from desktop displays to portable devices, which we imagine could also include the iPad. This thought is especially interesting since we have heard a wave of rumors that the next iPad could integrate a 3D display. With this patent application we think a 3D iPad is entirely possible, especially since this patent was filed already back in January of 2010.