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App Inventor for Android: Dev't for Dummies

Google recently advertised its new App Inventor for Android, an object-based integrated development environment (IDE) designed to make coding Android OS apps easy for the average joe. According to Google, App Inventor requires "no programming knowledge". Users will simply define the app’s appearance by laying out interface controls, and assign "blocks" to specify how these controls interact with each other.

While the App Inventor team promises that this block-based development process will make full use of platform's full capabilities—including location-based and telephony services—it looks like Google's promoting the IDE as an education-friendly tool. The sign-up sheet clearly makes provisions for educators who want to explore Android's suitability for their purposes.

We've just submitted our details to the App Inventor's sign-up sheet, and our waiting a reply from Google. Updates to follow as they become available.

App Inventor (Beta)