This Car Charger with Alexa Is Now $30 Off


By now, most people have at least one Alexa-powered device in their home. But what if you could take Amazon's virtual assistant on the road?

That's where the Anker Roav VIVA steps in. It's a USB car charger that gives you access to Alexa's ever-growing list of skills straight from your car.  

Currently priced at $39.99, the Roav VIVA is $30 off and the cheapest it's been so far this year.

The device works like any Alexa-enabled device: Just call out Alexa's name and she'll read out the latest news, weather info, or even stream music from Spotify, Amazon Music, or Pandora. 

It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then uses your phone's cellular connection to handle queries and streaming. While on the road, you can use the Roav to read out directions to your destination, warn you of real-time traffic delays, or remotely control smart devices in your home.

Its two dual USB ports can also be used to charge two devices simultaneously. So even if you don't have a high-tech car, the Roav VIVA can give the most low-tech ride a smart upgrade.