Amazon Alexa Blueprints Finally Launches in the UK: the Ultimate Way to Customize Alexa

Amazon has announced that its Alexa Blueprints service is now available in the UK, allowing Alexa users to personalize their own Skills for the home. 

This is something that has been available since April in the US but its availability in the UK means that there is now another massive market for Amazon to get personal with. 

Speaking at the UK launch of Blueprints, May Yu, lead consumer marketing at Alexa Skills, explained: “Alexa has changed the way that consumers interact with technology. We are seeing 50 billion voice searches a month, roughly 20% of searches online and are expecting that to quadruple in the next few years.

“There are 50,000 Skills developed by third party devs but we wanted Alexa users to be able to build Skills—now they can with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

Alexa Skill Blueprints has a set of templates (20 plus) so there’s no coding required. Amazon believes that these Skills can be created in just a matter of minutes.

The Skills you can create are myriad. They can help with education, to tell a bedtime story or to do chores. Some of the templates include an House Guest Skill, where you can use it to help people who are staying at your house find things such as where the nearest new roll of toilet paper is. There’s also a Fairy Tail Skill that you can customize for your own children’s story.

Another option is Flash Cards, where someone who is studying can get help with their studies. You can change these templates online or you can speak to Alexa and personalize the template that way. 

Where can join in with all this merriment? Well, you can find the skills at

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