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Spend Your Honeymoon in Orbit

When he's not busy working on the interior designs for current-gen Airbuses, Yelken Octuri spends his time coming up with fantastic concepts. He designed a personalized honeymooning pod for newlyweds that need their private time—in space!

Octuri's concept Honeymoon Space Shuttle is a straight out homage to the Venture Brothers. Once the space shuttle ferrying the various husbands and wives achieves orbit, it launches the lotus-shaped space pods that each contain a precocious pairing. The pods unfold to reveal solar cells that will power each plush suite during the entire space-based tryst.

Once the marriages have been sufficiently consummated, each pod will then plot a trajectory for an exciting splashdown that will punctuate the entire affair. At least that's what we're all hoping for; nobody knows if any of those couples will get the same kind of cliffhanger surprise that ends many an Adult Swim show's season.

[source: Octuri Design via Gizmodo]