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Acer Predator G1 Desktop is Ready for the Road

Acer's current crop of Predator gaming desktops are pretty beastly, but they're also too big to leave your command center. Enter the Predator G1, a portable tower that supports the highest-end graphics cards while being tiny enough to transport to your next LAN party or eSports event.

The G1 looks like a miniature version of Acer's Predator G6, backing the same scaly, tire-like design with red highlights. It also features customizable LED lighting.

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Despite its tiny frame, the Predator G1 makes no sacrifices in the specs department. The portable desktop supports up to Nvidia Titan X graphics cards,  Intel 6th Gen Core CPUs and as much as 64GB of RAM. The machine utilizes Acer's Ice Tunnel cooling system, which should hopefully keep the PC from overheating while you binge on your favorite games.

Acer's G1 is billed as being VR-ready, making it the latest tiny desktop that can handle virtual reality gaming. Rivals such as Alienware X51 and Asus ROG G20CB offer similar performance with equally compact designs.

In person, the G1 is really just a shrunken version of its big brother, the G6. You still get the same aggressive design that looks like a cyberpunk shark draped in neon lighting, but without needing to sacrifice on performance. Acer had some demo G1s hooked up a number of it's massive curved gaming monitors, and even at UHD resolutions, the G1 didn't drop a frame.

One of the sweetest little additions to the G1 are dual retractable headphone rests that pop out of either side of the G1's case. So not only is the G1 saving you space, it's helping you take better care of your gaming gear too.

At its Global Press Conference, Acer announced that the first 1,000 people who buy the G1 will get a special suitcase designed specifically for transporting the machine. While there's no official price or release window yet, we can't wait to give the G1 our full review treatment.