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An Electric Scooter That Hits 113 KPH

From vehicle-maker ZEV comes the ZEV7000, an unassuming electric two-seater that nevertheless packs some power under the hood. 28 batteries storing up to 3.84 kilowatts allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 113 kph (or 70 mph).

Ride the ZEV7000 at more reasonable speeds however, and the manufacturer promises an average range of 88 to 122 kilometers (or 55 to 70 miles). The electric motor can generate up to 240 newton-meters of torque for those hill climbs, and is managed by a three-speed automatic transmission. Regenerative breaking recovers some juice, while the heavy battery pack is situated as low as possible for stability.

The ZEV7000 weighs a total of 345 kilos (or 759 pounds), and comes with a 10 percent federal tax credit thanks to its environmentally friendly powertrain. Unfortunately, saving $804.42 still leaves $7237 to pay for.

But buyers interested in a low-cost electric vehicle (the manufacturer claims a full charge will cost an average of 10 cents in terms of utility bills) should consider getting a ZEV7000. At the very least, ZEV needs money to hire better designers!

  • mavanhel
    113 kph (or 70 mph)

    YAY!!! Someone finally put it right way around!
  • Spanky Deluxe
    We looked into getting one of those ultra small electric cars recently so that the other half could save on fuel costs and also avoid having to pay congestion charge when driving in to work in London.

    The biggest problem with them is the hidden cost of new batteries. Pretty much any fully (i.e. non hybrid) electric vehicle will need a new set of batteries after two years because they seriously lose their capacity. Once that was factored in, it would have been cheaper to get a Smart car LPG converted.

    We've gone for a moped now since it was even cheaper. I don't think this scooter will manage to be cheaper than a small petrol scooter though since although it may cost 10 cents per day in terms of electricity costs, the batteries will probably cost at least $1000 to replace two years down the line adding a cost of nearly $1.50 per day. Maybe not much per day but how much does a scooter actually cost per day to run? Our scooter costs us 50p per day with the UK's much higher fuel prices so US prices for the same would likely be about 50 cents.
  • 749 pounds? That's twice the weight of most scooters and sport bikes. I pity the poor lady that drops this sucker.
  • nukemaster
    booger smoot749 pounds? That's twice the weight of most scooters and sport bikes. I pity the poor lady that drops this sucker.+1
  • shinmalothar
    Looking like a tool - the price we pay for being green!
  • kyzar
    Considering fuel economy is one thing that scooters already do *really* well, surely a worthy but ultimately pointless effort? A run-of-the-mill Pug 125 scooter tops over 70mpg and has a 230+ mile range...
  • 113 kph = 70 Mph...but the range of "88 to 122 kilometers (or 55 to 70 miles)" would be ~55 to ~76 miles.
  • longshotthe1st
    ...but it's a scooter ; /
  • babybeluga
    I didn't know people liked killing themselves so much =(
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    345 KILOS????

    We have a BMW touring bike, which is absolutely massive, and yet it weighs around 250 Kg... has more power too, 110 HP.

    not to mention, I believe the average scooter weighs around 100-150 Kg MAX.

    then again, with the batteries in there it should take up a lot of weight...

    nice to see development, but i've seen lighter electric scooters... just not as fast.

    sorry quite a useless post