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Bring Some (Sea)Life to your Desk

Think Geek knows that the nerd's work life is stressful, being tied down to a cubicle all day and doing nerdy stuff like administering corporate networks in between secret World of Warcraft log-ins. So they've come up with a desktop appliance that not only brings some connection with the only organisms willing to spend time with you. It also comes with some high-tech goodies.

The USB Fishquarium is basically an aquarium for pint-sized fish. The geeky part comes in with the add-ons. It's got a digital calendar and clock, ambient thermometer and LED-based lighting built in to the little water dungeon for your swimming slaves. The best part is, it consumes remarkably low wattage for all its extra doodads, and can power all its electronic components with a simple USB connection.

This high-teck fishtank may run you up $39.99, but it's a small price to pay for bringing some life to your workday doldrums. At the very least, you'll have some companions who won't shun you for making those lame Star Trek jokes, unlike that hot chick from Human Resources. Yeah, who needs her, right? Right?

[source: Think Geek]