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Time Warner Wants Subscribers to Fight Networks

Time Warner Cable is asking its subscribers to get tough. At least, that's what the multimedia giant wants its patrons to believe with its latest campaign against TV networks. According to the company, price-gouging by the TV networks is driving up the cost of cable TV, and claims that it's unfair in today's economy.

"TV networks know that massive price increases--up to 300-percent--are impossible for us to absorb without passing on some of that cost to you," the company said. "Even worse, some are threatening to pull the plug on your favorite shows if they don’t get their way. It’s your money--and your shows."

Time Warner said that instead of rolling over and ignoring the problem, subscribers should voice their opinion, should speak out against TV networks by filling out this form here. While there's no promise that rainbows will come out and everyone will have all the channels they could ever want, the company looks to stir up the hornets nest--especially against those naughty networks who are threatening to pull the plug.

"Together, we just might be able to make a difference in what America pays for its favorite entertainment," the company said. Want a piece of the action. Go offer your opinion to the networks... perhaps they'll all pull the plug and we'll end up watching our favorite TV shows online.

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