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TigerText iPhone App Nukes Texts, Allows Cheating

One of the negative aspects about texting is the footprint these digital messages leave behind. Not only is the text on the sender and recipient's device, but it's also located on the ISP server that actually transmitted the message. This is bad news for a parent of a sexting teen, as ISPs and mobile carriers will hold onto those messages and images for a good few years.

TIME reports that there is a new Apple App for the iPhone that eliminates the footprint of electronic messages. The drawback is that both the sender and receiver must use this application, however the secure feeling of knowing there will be no evidence of the conversation is probably tenfold. Called TigerText (no lie), the app is free to download and promises that its messages doesn't last "forever."

Apparently it works like this: the sender loads up the app and sends the text to the recipient (who also has TigerText). The message is actually stored on the TigerText servers-- the recipient can read the message without downloading it onto the device. The sender can also set parameters that determine when the message will be deleted, ranging from a "Delete on Read" setting to up to five days storage.

Although the app is free, the actual service isn't. The first 100 messages sent over 15 days will be free, and it will always be free to read incoming messages. However iPhone users will be charged $1.49 for every 250 messages per month, or they can pay a flat rate of $2.49 per month for unlimited texts.

Naturally this app would be ideal for industrial spies and cheating spouses. Secure your marriage and employment by downloading TigerText from the App Store here.