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Tesla Executives Die in Plane Crash

Three executives at Tesla Motors were killed in a Palo Alto plane crash yesterday morning. Shortly after 8 a.m. a twin-engine Cessna 310 crashed into a neighborhood in Palo Alto. While there were no ground injuries, all three passengers on board the plane were killed. These three men were identified as employees of California-based electric car-maker, Tesla.

Citing, the New York Times reports the plane hit transmission lines that are draped 377 feet above the ground near the Dumbarton Bridge. It exploded on impact with the wires, splitting into two pieces and igniting fires at two homes. The plane took off from Palo Alto Airport heading for Los Angeles County’s Hawthorne Municipal Airport.

Tesla is keeping the names of employees under wraps until all family members have been informed. The Cessna plane involved was registered to Doug Bourn, a top engineer at Tesla.

  • wymer100
    My prayers go to their families.
  • N19h7M4r3
    this sucks, we need high powered electric cars to be the ferraris of tommorow :S lol
  • AMW1011
    Damn, not only is this tragic for the victims and their families, but it may have an adverse effect on Tesla Motors, a company that I have been keeping a close eye on. Tesla Motors needs to succeed to show the world that the United States can still pioneer and innovate.
  • endif
    Thats a damn shame. Hopefully this won't hit Tesla too hard on its stocks. I remember reading that they haven't been doing well recently. This may do quite a bit of damage to their company.
  • Marco925
    El_CapitanAnd why the fuck is this news pertinent to this site? I don't mind, though, THG news cracks me up.Don't like it? Don't read it

    anyways electric cars ARE about technology.
  • bustapr
    El_CapitanAnd why the fuck is this news pertinent to this site? I don't mind, though, THG news cracks me up.This isnt funny dude! Three people died in the crash, 2 of witch work for a company that makes the world a better place, its pertinent because it somehow questions the future of Tesla.
  • eyemaster
    Ironic death to those people. They build electric cars but died by flying into high powered electricity wires. Sad news.
  • stratplaya
    Why would employees of an electric car company be on a non-commercial plane? You would think that if they actually believed in that "green" stuff that they peddle, then they would use a commercial carrier when they needed to fly.

    May they RIP.
  • kikireeki
    Isn't that kinda weird! they were working on an electric car and they died by electric lines!
  • nebun
    so why were they flying so low? i guess these days it's safer to drive