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This is the Steve Jobs Action Figure

Ever wanted your own personal Steve Jobs? Now you can thanks to MIC.

At the time of writing, the eerily-identical Steve Jobs action figure is sold out, and there's no indication of when additional units will be ready for shipment. But when available, the figure comes packed with an Apple-logo-shaped stand and attachable speech balloons for displaying custom Steve Jobs-like quotations.

Although the actual dimensions were not provided, the action figure stands taller than the iPhone 4 but shorter than the iPad. Anatomically it's not to scale, recreating the Apple pioneer with a unusually large, (non-bobble) head when compared to the rest of his body. The miniature Steve Jobs also holds up his coveted iPhone in his left hand and wears his iconic black turtleneck / bluejeans outfit. Even this small, he's stylin'.

As an action figure, the attention to detail is amazing, from the wrinkles to his jeans to the shoe laces to the gray/black stubble and wrinkles on his face--it all appears highly detailed, high quality craftsmanship. The iPhone itself isn't detachable, however the specs are loose and can be placed on his face or worn on top of his head.

For those interested in acquiring the action figure, head here. The cost is $79.90 plus free shipping, however as it stands now, don't expect to receive the miniature Steve Jobs in time for Christmas.