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Oprah Has a 'Fancy' 4G Phone That You Can't Have

Yesterday, Oprah was talking about collecting pledges for her NoPhoneZone initiative. The idea is that you promise to make your car a 'no phone zone' by signing a petition that says you won't text in the car and if you need to make a call, you'll either pull over or use a hands-free kit.

It's a great cause but it's not as interesting as say, an HTC EVO 4G -- you know, Sprint's 4G smartphone that isn't due out until the summer time. Oprah whipped the highly anticipated phone out while demonstrating how easy it is to pledge to the NoPhoneZone initiative via text. How did Oprah get her hands on one of these? And how come she's not giving them away to everyone in the audience (especially the ones with eBay accounts)?

Take a brief peek at the device below.