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Microsoft Research And The Wearable Multitouch Display Projector

The Microsoft Kinect is a powerful piece of tech that’s opened us up to some pretty cool things. When the Kinect first launched, hackers across the globe began “jailbreaking” the device to do some pretty nifty things. Microsoft, seeing the potential that Kinect technology had, chose to encourage innovation by making the Kinect SDK available to the public.

Microsoft Research recently unveiled a cool new piece of gadget of its own that’s based off of Kinect technology. Called the Wearable Multitouch Projector, the gadget utilizes Kinect motion and depth perception and fuses a pico projector with a PC. The Wearable Multitouch Projector can project onto any flat surface and use the motion and depth sensors to turn the projection into a multitouch display.

The shoulder mount looks pretty unimpressive and unwieldy, but can you imagine what this prototype can turn into a few years down the line? I can only drool at the prospects of having wearable computers that can be projected onto any surface. What was only once science fiction is becoming reality. The future’s here, guys.-Catherine Cai