South Korean Police Raid the Google Offices

A lot of countries have a problem with Google's Street View project. The fuel for the fire was when Google admitted that it had accidentally gathered WiFi data back in May. The search giant said its Street View cars had accidentally harvested payload data from open WiFi connections because of an engineering error.

At the time, Google said that it would be employing the help of a third party to ensure the data from each country was disposed of correctly, but that didn't mean there wasn't complaints about the fact that the accident happened at all. South Korea today raided Google offices in Seoul as a result of the data collection.

"[We] have been investigating Google Korea on suspicion of unauthorized collection and storage of data on unspecified internet users from Wi-Fi networks," police said in a statement. "We began the probe after having confirmed that the company seized and kept open data as well as unauthorized private communication data collected by its special data-collecting vehicles."

Google also confirmed that the Korean National Police Agency had paid a visit to their South Korean offices in conjunction with an investigation, adding that it will co-operate with the investigation and answer any questions they have.

Read the full story here.

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  • jaysbob
    shhhh google may be watching
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  • JohnnyChrist
    It would suck to be the dude who crashes his bike right as the Streetview truck comes.
  • jevon
    All this stuff about Google "accidentally" listening for and saving all this data has made me wonder if other large super-corporations (MS, HP, WalMart, Intel etc etc) send unmarked vehicles around certain areas to do exactly the same thing!?

    I forget how Google got caught in the first place, but it seems unlikely that an unmarked vehicle that's drawing no attention to itself would get caught while driving around in a city or suburb listening for open WiFi and saving the data.
  • dragonsqrrl
    halodude23Korea is just hating on everything nowadays