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PSPgo Scores Early Lackluster Review

While we're still anxiously waiting for Sony's upcoming PSPgo to reach our hands, gadget website has scored an early review of the device, and seems somewhat positive about the new PlayStation Portable. In fact, the site said that the PSPgo is "a whole new thing." Unfortunately, they also rate the console three out of five stars.

So what's the final verdict? "As it stands, you'd be ill advised to trade in your existing PSP for one with a smaller screen and no backwards compatibility, but new users are bound to be intrigued," the review concludes. "Our advice: wait and see."

The opinion isn't surprising. Unless Sony plans to dump every existing UMD title onto the PlayStation Network, current PSP owners really have no need for the new unit. Additionally, Sony hasn't yet revealed just how exactly consumers will be able to download digital versions of existing games, if at all.

But on the flip side, the upcoming PSPgo will be easier to transport and feature a larger internal memory capacity. Recent reports indicate that Sony is gearing up to tackle Apple and its iPhone and iPod Touch devices by providing similar App-style content and games. Movies and television programs are already available on the PlayStation Store.

Ultimately, the PSPgo is moving closer to the multimedia arena than the previous three versions. Will it work? Sony has a lot of ground to cover if it wants to catch up with Apple. Hopefully the PSPgo will be armed and ready for a fight when it hit stores in October.

To read the full review, head here.