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Roku: You Would Buy Our Box Because It's Not Apple TV

Apple's got its hand in quite a few pots and its closed ecosystem means that customers rarely purchase just one Apple product. However, not everyone is a fan of the Apple Experience and one of Apple's competitors is playing on this to promote its own product. Roku, maker of settop boxes that allow users to stream movies, TV shows and sports games from the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video On Demand and tons of other partner channels, this week declared that its boxes are for those looking to stay away from Apple.

Clive Hudson, head of Roku Europe, has said that his company's product is for people who don't want to buy Apple. More specifically, for those that don't want to buy an Apple TV.

"You would buy our box over the Apple TV because it is not an Apple. Some people like to live in Apple land and some people don’t. We cater for that second category of people," Hudson told Pocket-Lint. "We have a more open platform that people can develop for. We have a lot more local content. We aren’t quite as prescriptive in what you can and can’t watch." According to Roku, it's currently outselling Apple in the U.S. and it hopes to replicate that market-share in other markets.

Roku announced its first Netflix streaming player in May of 2008, and has launched 10 subsequent models, seven of which have been discontinued. The company currently has four players, the Roku LT, the Roku 2 HD, the Roku 2 XD, and the Roku 2 XS. It will soon launch the Roku Streaming Stick, a USB dongle Roku box that debuted at CES earlier this year.

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