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Smartphone Wars: RIM, Apple Gains; Nokia Falls

Nokia’s smartphone market share dropped to 38.9 percent in Q3 of this year compared to 51.4 percent this time last year, Reuters reports citing market research firm Canalys. While Nokia’s market share dropped significantly, the company’s two biggest competitors are picking up speed. Apple’s iPhone helped the company reach 17.3 percent this quarter and RIM’s market share was up to 15.2 percent.

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular, the last year especially has seen interest in the devices explode. All three companies manufacture decent smartphones and while RIM does not currently sell a handset with a touch screen interface, it will do so in time for the holidays. So, what is Nokia doing wrong?

Given the sudden interest in all things smart, RIM realized earlier this year that not everyone buying a smartphone is a stiff in a suit. The company soon began offering smartphones geared at a more social market. Similarly, Apple saw that while there is a huge market for the iPhone with young people, there’s also a market for smartphones with business people (shocker) and so, has also tried to angle the iPhone toward that market.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Nokia. It goes without saying that the company is still very successful in the smartphone industry. However, while the company continues to trundle along, doing the same old thing, its two major competitors have made a very public racket about changing their tunes. If Nokia makes changes, it makes them quietly and so, not too much is made of them. To many, it may seem like the company is resting on its laurels. Both RIM and Apple have slapped great big shiny “NEW!!” stickers on their products throughout the year, which attracts the attention of the customer. Nokia’s releases may have been impressive but there wasn’t much made of their launches.

The company’s drop this quarter represents the first drop in sales for the company in several years.

Read the full story on Reuters.

  • apple really needs to enable the iphone's keyboard to rotate when texting or email. come on.