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Man Excavated His Basement Using Only RC Scaled Models

Home modifications are seldom thought of as cheap, fun, or even remotely interesting, that is unless you come up with an unbelievably awesome method to perform such modifications. One Canadian certainly made use of his creative muscles when excavating his own basement. The process may have been staggeringly long, but who else could say they excavated their basement using nothing but RC toy-sized trucks.

It certainly isn't the most efficient method for excavating a basement, but it could be quite entertaining if you are an RC fanatic. The mysterious “Joe” from Saskatchewan has been working slowly but surely on an ongoing project to excavate the basement of his own home—at an annual rate of 8-9 cubic feet for seven years (2005 to 2012)

While slow, Joe enjoys finding new ways to adapt scale models with different functions and tools to solve problems with the excavation—like a real life million piece puzzle. The 17 year RC veteran has kept his passion for the hobby alive by giving his creations a purpose and meaning through his mining project, and plans to continue doing so until completion.