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Porsche 918 RSR, A Tech Lab On Wheels

The car is essentially a race version with a roof of the previously shown 918 Spyder, which will go into production by 2014 and sell for an estimated $650,000.

The RSR is an evolution of the 911 GT3 R Hybrid and Porsche chose to describe it as a "racing laboratory." In addition to two 75 kW electric motors at the front wheels and a 563 hp V8 engine in the back, the RSR has a flywheel accumulator that charges while the car is breaking and then feeds an electric motor that sits where you would normally expect the passenger seat - and spins at 36,000 rpm. This motor routes the energy to the two front wheel motors when more speed is required.

Porsche says that this approach provides the 918 RSR with a burst horsepower of 767 hp for up to 8 seconds. Don't expect this car to be racing in serious events anytime soon as Porsche calls the RSR a research project. However, we noted that Porsche gave the RSR a "22" number, which is a homage to the Porsche 917 that won the 1971 Le Mans race.