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Sophos: Ping Slammed With Scams and Spams

Chester Wisniewski of security firm Sophos said Friday that Apple's new Ping social platform--tucked away within the confines of iTunes--apparently doesn't use spam or URL filtering, as the new service is currently drowning in "scams and spams."

Most of what's seen thus far seems to target Apple itself, offering free iPhones and other Apple-related devices to Ping users. The scams appeared within Ping comments in less than 24 hours after the service went live on Wednesday.

"Strangely, Apple seems to have anticipated a certain degree of malfeasance, as profile pictures that you upload will not appear until approved by Apple," Wisniewski said. "They are likely filtering for other offensive content as well, so they probably have means in place they could use to stop the spam."

Wisniewski added that it's rather easy for users to create bogus accounts, pointing out that Ping accounts don't require credit cards or other positive identification methods to verify accounts. He suggested that users ignore the surveys offering free iPhones and iPads, as they will "only end in tears."

  • yzfr1guy
    The only good Ping is the golf clubs.
  • jhansonxi
    "Ping" is a stupid name as it matches the very common "ping" command (ICMP echo) used to test server response times by games and gamers everywhere. Rhyming with the stupid Bing name (slang for jail) doesn't help either.
  • jimmysmitty
    A brand new Apple software easily attacked and hacked? NO WAY!!! Apple is safer than Windows software!!!!!

    This was totally expected. Apple has such a high view of themselves that they don't use even the most basic protection. Its also why a Mac running OSX is much more easy to hack than Windows Vista or 7.
  • seanma0314
    It deserves the spam
  • tpi2007
    As Apple gains market share, it is becoming obvious to everyone that they are no more secure than Windows. It's all a matter of time until robust Internet Security Suites will be a common thing for the Mac.

    There is nothing Steve can do about it. It's a trade-off between having an unexploited system because of diminute market share and a big market share but being unable to brag about much better security compared to Windows.

    It's life, Steve, get used to it!
  • Humans think
    Guys guys plz don't flame for the wrong reasons, this has nothing to do with software and security, unless they are exploiting holes in OS X server to deliver spam and bogus messages.

    If I understood correctly it has to do with regular spam and scams like the ones we see here in TH which I guess (bored to check) runs on a safe linux distro
  • furylicious
    Wow, finally good news about Apple.
  • f-14
    hahahaha...this isn't even a virus, the first virus to hit that service if well written is going to be a gold mine, apple users will buy into anything believing they are 'safe' in there 'sandbox'..well the cat just got in and first thing it did was use it for a 'litter box' hope they patented the term icra.....nvm.
  • randomizer
    Article"scams and spams."
    Now Where have I heard this before?
  • eddieroolz
    I consider iTunes and the "Apple Software Update" malware that comes with it a scam and spam.