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Sophos: Ping Slammed With Scams and Spams

Chester Wisniewski of security firm Sophos said Friday that Apple's new Ping social platform--tucked away within the confines of iTunes--apparently doesn't use spam or URL filtering, as the new service is currently drowning in "scams and spams."

Most of what's seen thus far seems to target Apple itself, offering free iPhones and other Apple-related devices to Ping users. The scams appeared within Ping comments in less than 24 hours after the service went live on Wednesday.

"Strangely, Apple seems to have anticipated a certain degree of malfeasance, as profile pictures that you upload will not appear until approved by Apple," Wisniewski said. "They are likely filtering for other offensive content as well, so they probably have means in place they could use to stop the spam."

Wisniewski added that it's rather easy for users to create bogus accounts, pointing out that Ping accounts don't require credit cards or other positive identification methods to verify accounts. He suggested that users ignore the surveys offering free iPhones and iPads, as they will "only end in tears."