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Microsoft VP Bottles the Scent of Money

Taking a little time out from his work as VP of Sales for Microsoft, Chicago-born Patrick McCarthy is marketing a new cologne that he believes will make people feel more confident.

Now, as a woman who wears perfume every day, I can tell you that certain fragrances make you feel more bold and confident than others. However, McCarthy’s new fragrances are a little different to what you’ll smell on your average lady-blogger. ‘Money’ (and the ladies perfume ‘Her Money Eau de Parfum’) is said to be modeled on the scent of actual money. Yep, here is a man promising to make you smell stinking rich.

Mr. McCarthy says he got the idea when he read about Japanese workers being more productive if the smell of money was piped into the room through the air vents. He then contacted Larry Murrison, a man known in the fragrance industry for his ability to create new scents, and he helped him reverse engineer the smell of money and bottle it.

Of course, the pure stench of money might be a little overpowering for some, so the men’s version adds “a bold fusion of fresh ocean breezes, and bright citrus notes, joined by rosemary, grass, and precious woods." Women, on the other hand, can expect “vibrant” pink grapefruit, mandarin, freesia, passionfruit, Hawaiian wedding flower and a soft hint of melon.

‘Money’ and ‘Her Money Eau de Parfum’ will retail for $35 and are available for purchase online. Also worth noting that though you’re clearly buying it so you can wear stench of success with pride, each bottle comes in packaging made up of about $500 of real, shredded money.